Quality control is exercised throughout the value chain. The following receives attention to ensure not only customer satisfaction, but also that generally accepted business principles are upheld:

  • Adopting a long term vision and strategy.
  • Legal and agricultural advisory service is provided by well-known international companies.
  • Maintain a well-diversified international network at supplier, country and product level.
  • Collaboration with prequalified suppliers to ensure that their services and products meet our and our client’s expectations.
  • Apply contract management practices to meet our and our customer’s requirements, specifications and satisfaction.
  • Quality analysis conducted by internationally recognized surveyor companies.
  • Collaboration with a network of specialized logistics companies for shipping and distribution to ensure availability and reliability.
  • Market analysis is continuously conducted to monitor markets, price volatility and trends in production and exports.
  • Implement value chain management to closely monitor activities for early response where issues arise.